Ketamine De-Addiction Center in Indore

Ketamine De-Addiction Center in Indore

Ketamine is defined as a Dissociative Anesthetic thanks to its sedating effects, which produce an experience where users feel detached from themselves and their surroundings. Ketamine also distorts the user’s perceptions of sight and sound and may make it difficult to maneuver. At extremely high doses, users have reported feeling as if a “near-death experience” is occurring. Other users report that they experience a “state of utter bliss” on Ketamine.

Once a private crosses into the addicted state, they spend their days feeling utterly detached from their surroundings and become incapable of leading a traditional and productive life. They’re usually cognitively impaired at this stage, with speech and memory both affected.

Win over Addition today. We are your safe place supplying you with the right place for a smooth transition, back to normal life.

Consult Dr Pawan Rathi for ketamine addiction treatment in Indore at Dr Rathi’s Rehab Center. Call now: +91-7804087788 or drop us an email at


Rathi Rehab Center located in Indore, India. Rehab is a private facility that provides drug and alcohol de-addiction services. Regardless of what you have gone through in the past or the goals you have set for yourself in the future, we are here to show you the way to absolute freedom.


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