lsd addiction treatment in indore

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, commonly referred to as “Acid” or LSD, is a Psychedelic Hallucinogen that produces changes in perception, sense of time and space, and mood. LSD is active at very small doses (around 20 micrograms). The drug is most commonly taken orally in the form of tablets, droplets, or blotter paper that is absorbed on the tongue and then swallowed.

Because LSD is typically delivered on small pieces of paper, it is difficult to independently assess what constitutes an average dose. This is compounded by the fact that different individuals react to LSD in different ways. It is important to know that taking too much LSD can lead to feelings of dissociation and alienation. Research indicates that, for most individuals, 20 micrograms of LSD is so small that it provides minimal euphoric effects.


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