gambling addiction treatment in indore

Gambling is often a fun, legal sort of entertainment, but when the highs and lows of winning and losing become addictive, gaming and betting can take a significant toll on the lives of gamblers and their families.

Compulsive gamblers can lose and win thousands of dollars within a matter of days, or maybe hours because they’re unable to prevent it. The euphoric rush that accompanies a win is often so exhilarating that gamblers begin to crave that euphoria. When gamblers lose, the emotional crash of a loss requires a fast fix to regain that prime. The lack of prevention of gambling, despite the negative consequences to one’s life, is understood as gambling addiction, problem gambling, or compulsive gambling.

Alcohol and illicit drugs can worsen the impact of gambling addiction by impairing the individual’s judgment and inspiring the type of risk-taking behavior that results in significant financial losses and negative effects on the individual’s health. Drug abuse also exacerbates the physical and psychological effects of gambling, increasing the severity of conditions like heart condition, digestive problems, anxiety disorders, depression, and therefore the risk of attack or stroke. The longer drug abuse and pathologic gambling go untreated, the greater the danger of great health consequences as a result of both addictions.

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