Gambling Addiction in indore

A Comprehensive Guide to Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Some may argue that life is a game of chance in which success, failure, happiness, and despair are only two sides of the same coin. Gambling addiction, in moderation, has been regarded as a socially acceptable behaviour since ancient times. Individuals may, however, fall into the deadly trap of gambling if it appears as an addiction. Yes, you read that correctly. Gambling, like alcohol or any other drug addiction, is a kind of addiction. Some people get a rush from such behaviours, while others may feel compelled to gamble, which is known as compulsive gambling.
Individuals with gambling inclinations may have an uncontrolled temptation to buy lottery tickets, visit casinos, play slot machines, wager on sports, or even use internet gambling platforms. However, gambling proclivity and frequency differ from person to person.

Let’s take a look at some of the warning signs and symptoms of a gambling issue.

Signs and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

  • People who have a gambling addiction, like anybody else, prefer to deny their activities and, if necessary, lie to their spouses, family members, and even friends. They will go to great lengths to avoid asking for financial assistance, even if they are in desperate need of it.
  • Individuals with gambling disorders display the following main behaviours.
  • Gambling, as previously said, is an addiction. People with gambling inclinations may like any sort of gambling, almost as if they seek the action or receive a rush from it.
  • Using gambling to feel better about life, vent grievances, or hide anxieties about upcoming obstacles.
  • As with any addiction, the individual may be unable to control his need to gamble, thus impacting his personal, professional, and social standing.
  • While gambling is a socially accepted activity, too much of it is harmful. Avoiding work or other important responsibilities to gamble is a definite symptom of a gambling disease.
  • Using money that was meant to be spent on financial obligations to gamble with.
  • Some of the dangerous indications and symptoms of gambling illness include selling assets or stealing money, as well as lying about gaming debt.

Treatment Alternatives

Gambling problem, like any other medical or mental disease, may be managed, avoided, and cured. However, the individual must be willing and dedicated to giving up gambling completely. If he wants to put the gambling disease behind, he cannot consider the thought of occasional or casual gaming, no matter how much money is involved.

Here are some of the most important therapy alternatives.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) –

CBT is extremely important in the treatment of gambling disorders. Gambling problem can have deep roots and can be caused by personal fears, life circumstances, avoidance methods, and so on. To control the gambling impulse, the underlying reasons must be addressed. Corrective or preventative actions cannot be fully leveraged until and until the individual is aware of his triggers. CBT seeks to assist the individual in analysing the fundamental reasons and encouraging them to avoid them. Extensive, one-on-one counselling sessions with well-equipped behavioural therapists are thought to be quite helpful.

Family Therapy –

While gambling is done by an individual, the consequences must be felt by the entire family. In addition to one-on-one counselling, incorporating crucial family members in the counselling process can be useful. These sessions serve as a forum for reflection and bridging communication gaps between the individual and his family members, potentially leading to better outcomes.

Rehab –

Gambling is a powerful addiction that is difficult to conquer. While the individual may take the required safeguards and avoidance tactics, the likelihood of reverting to the old habit is considerable. At times, the situation may deteriorate to the point where receiving therapy at home is no longer feasible. Outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation centre play an important role here. Individuals will be housed in a secure setting and will be surrounded by a vibrant team of healthcare specialists that will provide viable therapy around the clock. Individuals suffering from a gambling disease can also receive help with lifestyle adjustments, instilling new coping methods, discovering new creative activities, and so on. Consult Dr. Pawan Rathi for Gambling Addiction treatment in Indore at Dr Rathi’s Rehab Centre.


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