The Psychology of Addiction

Why are drug users more addicted to their own addictions than to the drugs themselves, and why is addiction mostly a mental condition?

Addiction is primarily a psychological disorder that is still perceived as a social, cultural, genetic, and experience process, despite the fact that physiological changes in the body are often used to characterise it. Addictive behaviour is any behaviour that, despite the possibility of long-term negative consequences, provides momentary or fleeting pleasure or solace from discomfort.

Addiction is generally understood to be a reliance on any drug brought on by substance abuse. Addiction can be caused by any drug or alcohol as well as other things including the internet, video games, technology, chocolate, and other foods. Because physical dependence and withdrawal hinder focus and cause other issues due to their detrimental physical and psychological effects, drugs and alcohol can limit productivity. Dependency, in which a person becomes more psychologically and physically dependent on the addictive substance and is unable to lead a normal life without it, is the primary characteristic of addiction.

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