Rehab Center Vs Your Own Treatment for Addiction

Once you get addicted for something, it became very hard for you to get away from it. For that you have two options – You can fight the addiction by your own, or go to a Rehab Center for the purpose.

Many people don’t know about the difference between the two, so here are few points that will differentiate a Rehab and a treatment of addiction you do at your home or elsewhere: –

  • Rehabs uses evidence-based practice, customize treatment and services to individual client needs. The most common methods they use are Behavioural Healing, Educational Gatherings, Group Settings, Medication Assisted Treatment, Psychological Counselling & Support Group Attendance.
  • You own your own can all do is to ignore the thing, if the addiction is too high, then this method won’t goanna work. A stoner needs to get stoned more than he feels the urge of hunger, so it is almost impossible to stop the highly addictive person to consume a thing.
  • Rehab shows real life experiences that tell the impacts of addiction had, by counselling with other members of the rehab.
  • You won’t get the environment needed at your home that can motivate you to stop addiction.

You can join a rehab center in Indore for any kind of addiction that will probably help you overcome the problem.


Rathi Rehab Center located in Indore, India. Rehab is a private facility that provides drug and alcohol de-addiction services. Regardless of what you have gone through in the past or the goals you have set for yourself in the future, we are here to show you the way to absolute freedom.


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